Is the word “humanity” losing its meaning?

However much one may want to avoid being the preacher, certain incidents shake your soul and one can’t help but express their disappointment about the same.

It is appalling how many incidents of animal cruelty have been reported & noticed of late. What is more disturbing is, that some people, while they are recording these incidents, it’s not to gather evidence & get the wrong doers punished. They’re doing it to feed their social media pages and hope that the video goes viral.

When did another life become less precious than ours? Who gets to decide that? What gives one the right to take away the life of another?

Piercing questions, aren’t they? Well, the reality is even more disturbing.


  1. A group of people at a beach in Argentina was recently filmed mobbing a baby Franciscana dolphin in search of pictures, resulting in its death. The combination of shock and being removed from the water so long is thought to have caused the endangered animal to die of dehydration. (U.S.A., February, 2016)
  2. Kristen Lindsey, 31, dubbed “veterinarian of the year” killed a neighbour’s cat with an arrow and posted the picture to her social media with the caption “the only good feral cat is one with an arrow through its head.” Somebody commented that she might lose her job for what she did. She answered: ‘And no I did not lose my job. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome.’ The case is still on. (U.S.A, 2015)
  3. Two men tortured a puppy and filmed her hurtling several storeys to the ground. Once the video went viral, animal activists began their search for these men and finally found that they were medical students from Chennai. A police report was filed & the two were finally caught after being in hiding for a few days. In the meanwhile, the dog was found alive, with injuries to the legs & spine. The dog, now called, Bhadra, is being taken care of  & treated by animal welfare activists. While the case against the men who did this is still on, they got out on bail by paying a mere fine of Rs. 50. (India, Junly 2016)
  4. In Kunming, China, which is home to nearly 6,800 peacocks, in an area where visitors are allowed to feed the animals, a couple of tourists decided to grab the birds and take photos with them. Worse, they even plucked out their feathers to keep them as mementoes. One bird died within 30 minutes of being grabbed, despite zookeepers rushing to the birds’ aid after noticing their treatment at the hands of the tourists. The official cause of death is still under investigation, but authorities believe they died due to shock. A zoo representative said this was the first time an incident of this nature had occurred, and that visitors are advised to never touch the animals. He said that although the birds don’t approach people, the tourists lured them with food and grabbed them by their long tails. (China, February 2016)

While these are some of the incidents that managed to make the headlines, there are many more which happen on a daily basis. If you log in to social media and are part of pet or animal welfare groups, you can see people posting news & pictures of various animals being tortured on a daily basis. It is shocking to know that people believe it is fun to tie a dog to a car and then speed up, just to see how the dog dies by being dragged OR a group of youngsters getting a cow to fit in their car’s dicky to sell it to a meat market.

People who run and those who buy animals from the puppy mill and breeders support this cruelty. While they may give all the love to the animal they bought and pamper it, the manner in which it’s mother/father is being kept at the most of the breeder’s place, brings tears to the eyes. They are kept in small cramped cages with not much space to move and are used for reproducing  & more often than not, once they are at the age when they don’t seem to be of much value to the breeders, they are abandoned on the roads unless a kind soul decides to take them home. Why, even those who adopt breeds, abandon them after the social media accolades die and they realise, it’s too much of a task and expense to take care of the furry beings.

Can we stop maligning the term “humanity”? Can we at least start making informed decisions? Start by asking a lot of questions. Go see how the breeder has kept the animals at their place. Understand what you’re putting your efforts in to.

The reason there are no pictures being shared in this post on the incidents, is because the internet will provide you with plenty, every few minutes. This is just an effort to bring to light what many may not know, that’s happening on a daily basis. This earth was made for all kinds of living beings to live on, with equal rights.

If we can’t help them, let’s not hurt them at least. Being polite to the voiceless hardly hurt anyone.


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